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rent to own computers & tablets

Lease to Own Desktops, Laptops & Tablets At ElectroFinance, you'll always find an amazing selection of brand new, rent to own electronics with easy and affordable monthly or weekly payment plans.


Convenient and handheld devices you can take anywhere.

lease to own tablets


Slim and portable power at your fingertips, even on the go.

rent to own laptops

Desktops & All-in-Ones

Sleek towers, Bundles, or All in One models that're perfect for work or play.

rent to own desktop computers


Vibrant displays, touchscreens, LEDs, LCDs, and more.

lease to own computer monitors

Printers & Scanners

Inkjet, Laser, All in One, or Photo Printers for home or office.

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Networking & Wireless

Stay connected with Routers, Modems, Range Extenders and more.

rent to own routers, modems, switches, and range extenders

Desktops Today the most powerful computers are still desktops. You'll find a wide selection of both PC and Mac desktop computers that are designed to easily handle whatever you can throw at it. Find a lease to own desktop for work, gaming, school, or all three! Choose whether you'd like to rent a desktop as a complete bundle or customize your own setup with our lease to own towers and monitors for a build that's all your own.

Laptops We have a vast inventory of laptop computers for you to choose from, at a price you can afford. Whether your laptop is going to be used for gaming, school, work, or just browsing the web and email, you'll find the right laptop for you. Rent-to-own a laptop computer online with ElectroFinance today.

All-in-One Computers Is an All in One computer the right option for you? All-in-one computers have become increasingly popular over the past years, and no wonder! These All-in-One computers incorporate all the major components of a regular computer system and integrate them into a sleek and stylish body. All in One computers are perfect for those who want a desktop computer, but also want to save space. Lease your next all-in-one computer from ElectroFinance today!

Tablets & iPads We offer a large variety of tablets for lease at ElectroFinance. Are you looking for something powerful but portable like an Apple iPad or a Samsung Galaxys? Tablets are a great compromise for those wanting something a bit smaller and more compact than a laptop computer. Lease-to-own a tablet today and experience the freedom to play games, surf the internet, or get some reading in regardless of where you are.

Are you shopping for a new computer, but currently on a budget? Not to worry, you've come to the right place. We make leasing online a breeze at ElectroFinance. Apply today for computer leasing, it's quick and easy!